Welcome to the on-line student Personal Learning Time Planner for Cambie Secondary School

Steps to set your PLT Plan (completed for every Wednesday and Thursday)

  1. Log in with your student number and password.
    Please enter numbers only for your student number.
    Your default password is your first initial, last initial and student number (e.g. "ab9999999").

    You will be asked to set a new password on your first log in. If you have problems logging in, please see Mr. Felgar.
  2. Click on the PLT block that you would like to participate in.

  3. Enter the details of your plan/goal for this PLT block and click "Set Staff Person" to select a teacher/room for your PLT. Note that teachers are working in departmental teams for PLT. Click "Save" when you are finished.

  4. You can continue to enter additional plans for future dates or log out if you are finished entering plans. Your selected teacher will be able to see the plan you have entered.

If you have any questions or run into problems with using this system,
please see Ms. Ardat or Mr. Nashlund in the office.